No Light, No Light || open

Erik hadn’t touched alcohol in probably a few weeks, but he certainly remembered the effects. ¬†However, he hadn’t gotten horrifically drunk in well over a year, and when the sudden sensations of disorientation, heightened negativity, and cotton mouth hit him while enjoying his evening tea, he’d been completely unprepared.

But it hadn’t taken long till the tea was replaced with the whiskey bottle, and he’d turned several screws into some very vicious shapes. ¬†

There was a reason Erik didn’t drink heavily anymore; his monsters always had a habit of reappearing, and now they had.

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    "You’re many things, Erik, but a monster isn’t one of them." Emily told him firmly "I’ve seen enough to know." In the...
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    "He’s fuckin’ pregnant with m’child, an’ now that—that child, my boy, is RUINING his body, I wanna—I wanna take’m out—"...
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